Jack Skellington (known as Uncle Jack by Junior and Minnie) is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town.  

"Uncle Jack"


Jack Skellington is a very tall and lanky skeleton.  As always, he appears in a black pinstripe suit, black shoes, and a bowtie resembling a bat. 


As it is in his movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is slow to anger and a gentleman at heart.  Although he still gets a kick out of scaring people, he's a kind uncle who welcomes Grim's family to his home with open arms. 

Jack Skellington demonstrates his selfless nature when he stays to fend off the monster that threatens Halloween Town while Sally evacuates the residents.  However, this noble deed is contradicted shortly after when he "regroups" (retreats) with Grim, much to Mandy's frustration.             


Sally SkellingtonEdit

Sally Skellington is Jack's beloved wife and closest friend out of all the Halloween Town residents.  They started out as friends and nothing more, but a certain incident involving a Halloween-Christmas time mash-up led them to realize the feelings they had for each other and embrace them.

The Grim ReaperEdit

The Grim Reaper is Jack Skellington's older brother.  They appear to be on good terms throughout the story.


Mandy is Jack Skellington's sister in-law.

Grim Junior  Edit

Grim Junior is Jack Skellington's nephew.


Minimandy is Jack Skellington's niece.